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I'm looking for travel companions. Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam 17.02.20 - 23.04.20

Hello friends, I am going to take a two-month ride in SouthEast Asia. If you are there, we can get together. You can join me just for 1 hour or even a whole week. My itinerary is:

1) Thailand 17.02 - 10.03
Bangkok - Surasak (+Ko Siachang island) - Pattaya (+a few other islands probably) - Trat (+Ko Chang island) - Ban Hat lek (Border check point)

2) Cambodia 10.03 - 9.04

Cham Yam - Preah Sihanouk (+ Koh Rong island) -by train- Pnom penh -by boat or bus- Sem Reap - Pnom phen - Vietnam Border (Krong Bavet or probably Xa Mat)

3) Vietnam 9.04 - 23.04
Krong Bavet or Xa Mat border check point - Ho Chi Minh city - Nha Trang.

This itinerary is on unchanging, I am going to spend a couple of days on each island and big city (Ho Chi Minh, Siem Reap etc).   Link to Google maps route

My name is Bogdan, I'm Russian, professional musician by trade and free traveller by mindset. I have big experience in bicycle travelling, all necessary equipment, I usually ride about 50 - 80 km per day, it depends on circumstances (my reccord is 205).

I have already had all documents, visas and even fly tickets on me. I'll defenately be there, I can easely correct my route to match it with yours.

Write to me for questioning in Whatsapp +7922-120-50-31 (the best option) or via mail

You can see or even subscribe to my Instagram:

Youtube channel:

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