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Author Topic: Offering money to locals when they gave us a roof to sleep or a meal?  (Read 877 times)


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Some people think it is not acceptable to offer money to locals who gave us a roof to sleep or a meal to eat. The idea behind it is that it spoils the local-traveler relationship. I met other bicycle travelers who often do, usually because they have been asked for money and they think this is the least they can do. I was wondering what is the opinion of people on this forum.


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Re: Offering money to locals when they gave us a roof to sleep or a meal?
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 06:47:45 AM »
This is still a difficult question for me. I think it depends on the country or area you are in. And on the situation of the people you stayed with. In my experience it is mostly, say 95% of the time not necessary to give money. And it might indeed raise their expectation for the next traveler that stays with them. With in the end a situation like in Ethiopia, where cyclists get stoned when they don't give anything, even if just passing by.
In some really poor families it might be a good idea. But still, when the invitation was fully their initiative, it can be even rude to give money. In some cases I knocked a door myself, because of bad weather coming or other safety issues. In this case I offered sometimes money, but it was always refused. My most favorite way to contribute is to cook for the family i stayed with and share the food. Especially when couchsurfing I do this a lot.
Good question, hard to discuss since it is mostly a gut feeling case.
Peter van Glabbeek