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Author Topic: How to get free 1/250,000 and 1/1,000,000 maps covering the whole world?  (Read 1842 times)


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You can have a free (and legal!), very detailed map for every corner of almost every country on the planet...indefinitely, right on your computer!

It will take only a couple minutes, just follow these three simple steps:
  • First you need to download Google Earth and install it on your computer (every computer should have Google Earth anyway.)  ;).  
  • Then download this US Army maps file on your computer. This virus-free file is offered freely by the online library of the University of Texas.
  • Now just double click on the maps file you just downloaded, it will automatically open with Google Earth. In the top-left window of your Google Earth, under "places", you will need to check the "US Army maps" box. Once it is checked, a grid will appear over each continent. Just click on the desired section and it will open the map. VoilĂ !  It's that simple!

Note that the maps file, by default,  will be opened in the temporary section of "my places" so it will disappear when you close Google Earth. If you want it to stay there, once opened, just drag it to "my places". Then check or uncheck it to view it or hide it. Also, keep in mind that some of these maps may be outdated.

If you love maps like I do, you will ABSOLUTELY love this application!

Of course, once on the road, there is nothing like a paper map. Remember, is constantly expanding its inventory of maps in order to provide the best selection of Maps suited for Bicycle Touring

This is a snapshot of the Goolge Earth screen you will get after you check the "US Army maps" box:

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Re: How to get free 1/250,000 and 1/1,000,000 maps covering the whole world?
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What a perfect add on to Google Maps.

Thanks Stephane.
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