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EVERYTHING ELSE! / Photo Gallery
« on: August 08, 2011, 06:12:44 PM »
Does anyone else but me even bother to look at the photo gallery section? There are some nice shots in there (Not necessarily mine.) but it doesn't seem to get much attention/action.

Ride safe,

Camping Equipment / XL High Compression Sleeping Bag?
« on: June 20, 2011, 08:48:05 AM »
I'm about 6'3", and 255 pounds. (Down from 280 and still loosing!) and a year or so ago bought a Eureka Summit Large for a summer sleeping bag. So far it has tried to kill me twice by suffocation,  :o and otherwise does not allow a good night's sleep. It is just too tight across the chest for me to zip all the way shut, and if I leave it open, as I did last Saturday, I can breathe and get cold all at the same time! Plus side; I love it's compressibility. In a compression sack, it squeezes down to just larger than a (American) football. That was why I bought it.

Can anyone suggest a +20F (or warmer) Primaloft (preferably) sleeping bag that will fit a broad-shouldered, big chested, not-as-fat-as-I-used-to-be, ;D guy like me, that will compress into a small bundle?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Ride safe,

PS, You can see it compressed, in the center of my front panniers, on my avatar picture.

Parts, Components & Accessories / Safari Drop Bars?
« on: March 25, 2011, 07:36:28 PM »
As you can see in  my profile picture, I have an '06 Novara Safari which came stock with butterfly bars. My "dream bike" is a Co-Motion Pangea, which shares many of the things I like about the Safari, (26 inch wheels, disc brakes, etc.) but has drop handlebars. I have drop bars on my Bianchi Volpe and I find them much more comfortable than the butterfly bars. I have had riders tell me I can't put drops on the Safari and others tell me I can. My LBS thinks he could do it, but it would take some work and money. What do you think? Can I? Should I? I can't afford the Pangea at this time, but need a "stout" touring bike for my ongoing exploits on the Lewis & Clark Trail. My other option is wait untill next winter, sell both the Safari and the Volpe, put the Pangea on a short list to Santa, and see what I find under the tree next Christmas.

Open to thoughts and ideas.

Ride safe,

The Bicycle / Expedition Bike Build-up
« on: December 30, 2010, 10:42:00 PM »
If you are interested in how I took a bike designed for cyclocross and turned it into an expedition-grade touring bike, you can read all about it on my blogsite;

Ride safe,

EVERYTHING ELSE! / ACA trip in the Spring?
« on: October 28, 2010, 06:48:05 PM »
Seriously thinking of joining the Adventure Cycling KATY Trail-Relaxed trip this coming spring. I have done a fair amount of solo "bikepacking", usually just a night or two, plus a 4 week, self-supported MTB trip through Karelia (NW Russia, next to Finland) with local guides, 13 years ago. The KATY Trail is part of the Lewis and Clark Bicycle Trail, which is one of my life goal rides. (I did a short section of the KATY last spring, and have been working on the South Dakota section for two years.) I think this would be a good, early-season trip. I am particularly interested in how the trip is run, as we are planning a major L&C journey from Sioux City, IA or Yankton, SD, to Kamiah, ID in 2012. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas? Let me know.

Ride safe,

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