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Camping Equipment / Re: Tired of crappy stakes, suggestions?
« on: November 27, 2010, 05:49:01 PM »

For decent all purpose stakes I suggest  8 inch steel stakes from Wal-Mart.  Heavy but really cheap.

Yeah, I know, no one but me will carry them because they are too heavy. 

If traveling through the Land of Rocks, pick up a 4-pack for about $2 and toss them after  you have traveled through.  Not having your rain-fly or tarp come loose in a rain storm or strong Arizona wind is worth the weight.

If rocks make it too difficult to push in the stakes with your hand or foot, then there have to be rocks available for pounding - there is never a need to carry a hammer.

Okay, here's a real tip, tried, tested, and swore by; and no hammer needed, works everywhere.

Always carry a bunch of plastic bags like those from Wal-mart; replaceable, compact and super light weight. 

When needed, fill them with rocks or sand or dirt or water bottles, cans of food, tools or whatever. 

Tie your ropes to the handles, they never tear out.   

Surprising, even with some sliding, a loaded bag will work as good as any stake; when expecting a real storm, once in place, cover the bags with sand or rocks.

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