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Parts, Components & Accessories / Re: Brooks saddle with spring or not?
« on: September 22, 2010, 08:58:30 PM »
I have had a Brooks Flyer since 1990.  It finally failed on me this summer because I didn't tighten the saddle, but I swear by this saddle.  It has served we well for two decades.  (I put about 3000 miles per year on that saddle).  I replaced it with another Brooks Flyer.

For those of us who aren't high-tech or want to leave the netbook at home, I have found that State Gazatteer's published by DeLorme are very useful for bicycle touring, especially for routes that haven't been mapped by ACA or others. The scale of maps are perfect for finding the back roads (1:150,000) and they show commercial and state/federal campgrounds on the maps.  I cut out the pages I plan to use while on tour. They are also great to use together with ACA maps in case you want to go off route for a couple of days.  The commercial campgrounds are listed on a separate page at the front the Gazateer, so I also cut that page out too.  The Gazatteer's are available at Amazon and run about $20 per state, so they aren't free. 


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