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Bikes on a Boat / shipping bicycles from bangkok to holland
« on: January 22, 2010, 06:45:19 AM »
hello all,

we have an urgent question. At the moment we are traveling by bicycle through south east asia and soon we will finish our cycletour in Bangkok. Since we really like our 2 chinese bought bicycles, we would like to have them at home. But how do we send them to holland?

we already asked information at different airlines but since we don´t fly ourselves (we will continue our trip without bicycles in india) it´ll cost us around € 500,- per bicycle which is way too much for us.

we also asked the postoffice (they don´t send bicycles) and DHL and FEDEX but that will cost us around € 300,- per bicycle which is still too expensive.

the problem is the volume of the bicycle (lenght1.75cm/hight1.10cm/width30cm), not the weight (18kg), which makes it so expensive.

now we are looking for a shipping company that will be able to send our bicycles to Holland. Can anyone recommend such a company and give us their contactdetails so we can arrange the shipping soon?

would be VERY helpfull! Thanks a lot on forhand!

maaike and coen from amsterdam

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