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Africa / Introduce myself
« on: January 21, 2010, 07:26:33 AM »
Hi everybody,

My name is Hicham and i am a cyclocamper living in Marrakesh, Morocco, a novice though but did some tours so far, i had a bike "delivered" in august  2008, a Btwin TT 7, and have since then started doing daily trips to practice. my longest trip was in last Mai where i did 950 km. i strated from Marrakesh to go along the high atlas moutains and cross the middle atlas to the capital rabat on the atlantic. then i went down to Eljadida where i took the bus after my bike broke down. Two months ago, i did another trip to the atlantic ocean, this time to Essoauira, my record: 175 km, and then went north to Safi; El walidia and fially to Eljadida. Two other 3 days trips are also part of my biking history... i have bought a  bike ( a kona lavadome) from a canadian lady touring in Morocco and still enjoy biking on sundays, not as much as i want to ....


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