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I have been using it for the last 7 years and not for an emergency. Every Friday a Radio programm called me to do an interview and it was useful for that reason. Now the Radio program has been canceled and as I do not need it I do not want to carry it .
Is a Thuraya model SG-2520. It cost almost 1500 euros donated by a sponsor.
So, I want to sell it even with 2 long batteries and software to connect it to internet.
If I get half of this price it will be ok.
I can send it for free to Australia, New Zealand or Spain.
You can email me about it to biciclown AT biciclown DOT com
thanks a lot alvaro the biciclown

South Pacific / Cairns to Sidney and UPDATING MY WORLD TOUR
« on: July 14, 2011, 01:49:33 AM »

Hi there
I am about to leave Japan where I have been cycling since January, and head to Cairns. My 3rd flight in almost 7 years on the road!!!!
Does anybody knows good roads or path or unmissing points I should cycle through on my way to Sidney?
After that, 3 months visa, I will go to N.Zeland and probably come back to Australia, waiting for June 2012 when I will jump to Alaska.
World tour is going so well that I decide it to make it longer. No more 2004-2014 but 2017 or ... I do not know.
Money is not a problem as I learnt how to leave very cheap and writting books on the road (already 3 and a new one coming on September) cover half of my expenses. Donations are also increasing to my account. About 50 euros per month. Many times I even do not know the people.

Any tips about Australia or N.Zeland are welcome. thanks a lot and... if you want, you can be producer of my next documentary The Nomad´s smile (second teaser) . More than 288 clownfunders already, as crowdfunding but CLOWNfunding more fun as is a clown on it. Check it.

Enjoy the life on the road: my house.

Hi there.
Since I am on the road (2,001) I have done some books and documentaries. Now I want to do a new one with your support. I just launched a new way to do it: CLOWNFUNDING. The documentary will be out in 2,011 Spring and the name The Nomad's Smile. You can support it and promote your company or just yourself or use it as Christmas gift: have a look to my website
I am sure you will like it as it has been done with all my love and passion.
Be a clownfunder]
Thanks to all of you

Where can I get information about the checkpoints in Tibet ? situation, dfficulties....
I am planning to go into Tibet (no permit) from North, as I guess is the most easy way to do it
thanks alvaro

Bikes on an Airplane / Air Asia
« on: January 31, 2010, 07:30:53 PM »
I had to use Air Asia from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. They charge you special price for the bike, until 15 kg. As they consider it as sport equipment. It is not a bad deal but the best thing is that you DO NOT NEED A BOX. Just take out pedals, turn the handlebar and take out the air of the wheels.
Very easy.

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