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Author Topic: Who's in the Middle East? February - March - April 2011  (Read 636 times)

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Who's in the Middle East? February - March - April 2011
« on: February 22, 2011, 02:05:34 AM »

I'm Tom from Canada, young man currently been traveling and working in Europe for 8 months (not on a bicycle), so my current home is the road. I am currently bicycle touring over the next few months (3-5 months) through the Middle East -  all depending on current political developments. I don't really have too many ideas or limits, I just want to see where things take me and experience as much as possible.

I would say my travel style is pretty chilled out. I've been doing all camping so far when not with friends, mostly my own meals, travel light. I'm all for some solid days on the bike, but so far I haven't been pushing myself too much other than a few days in the mountains, so spending lots of time meeting people and taking in the culture. I'm up for just about anything, not necessarily looking for a partner but I'd be happy to have a coffee with fellow bicycle travelers in the area, or perhaps do a little riding together. I should be in Syria by March 7th starting Damascus area, and then Jordan a month after that. That's about as detailed plans as I can give, but I'm happy to mold my plans to meet up with someone.

So if anyone's around give me a hollar. I usually get a phone chip for the country I'm in, so we could be in touch via email or phone at some point. Looking forward to finding out if anyone else is around, as so far haven't met any other cyclists on the road in Lebanon...

Cheers, Tom