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Author Topic: Partner wanted for Northern Tour (Bay Area, California to Washington then east)  (Read 540 times)


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I am 18, just finished high school, and ready for the big world and all it has to offer! I really want to see the united states in all it's beauty, which is why I decide to tour all summer. I am excited for all the opportunities presented by going long distance on a bike: exercise, the outdoors, connecting with people, living simply, and learning about myself. I'm leaving on my for my first tour in about btw June 12 and june 17 from Sonoma County, CA and headed northeast. I'm pretty fearless and want to soak in all the great things life has to offer. I like reading, skiing, talking about nearly anything, swimming, and trying new things.  I'm all about the journey, less about the destination, and the pure enjoyment of biking. I plan on stopping to explore! Maybe averaging 50 miles or so a day. I would prefer a partner under 30 for compatibility reasons.