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Author Topic: Florida to California, November (flexible date)  (Read 1157 times)


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Florida to California, November (flexible date)
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:51:43 AM »
I'm very seriously planning a cycling trip across the southern part of the United States. This is the 3,110 mile trip from Florida to California. I'd really love someone to join me. I'm an incredibly laid-back person to travel with so I'm searching for the same. This is a for-sure trip if I can find someone who's willing to travel!

You don't have to be a super-strong cyclist. My average speed, loaded, is 21 km/h. We can go slower or faster depending on your abilities and what the day allows. I have little issue with age, sex, or sexuality. I'd love to see if we get along especially over the stretch of a few months!

I'd love help in planning this, too. I'm hoping to leave around the end of November. I'm not attached to the date - we can leave sooner or later. I'll be flying into Florida from Toronto. I'd like to spend a few days in florida. After the cold of fall I'll be craving a warm swim and a ride at the amusement park! We could follow the entire cycling route or make our own. I've always thought it would be interesting to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Ideally we'll take our time cycling. 50 miles each day will be the average for cycling days but I'm sure there will be a few that stretch close to a hundred as we aim to make good time to the next stop. I'm more than happy to detour to visit family, friends, couch surfers, state parks, museums, random strangers homes, etc. There are a few sections of this tour that look less interesting to cycle through - if you want the privilege of saying you've cycled the entire trail I'm completely for this but I wouldn't be opposed to a bus ride here and there.

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I'm hoping to camp the majority of the way. I have little fear in asking strangers if we can squat in their back yard for the night. I want to do couch surfing. I want to do lots of hiking on our stop-overs. I want to see the cities. I won't be against spending a few days in one place before heading out again. Remember, this is for fun! I aim to arrive at our destination but if we've had fun along the way then it doesn't matter to me where we end up.

At the end of the trip I'll be flying up to Seattle, WA. I hope to be in Seattle by mid-march so if there's time I want to cycle up the coast as well.

Hopefully anyone interested in doing this will have read through this message. I'd love to learn more about your personality and see if we mesh.


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Re: Florida to California, November (flexible date)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2012, 02:01:07 PM »
Hello my name is Ari and im actually planning a bicycle tour very similar too new to this website and noticed that this was posted a year ago.  I'd like to know if you have already left and done this trip or actually still planning on doing it.  Please email me back and let me know, i'd love to join you on some adventure :).