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Author Topic: Cycling partner(s) wanted for Ecuador trip  (Read 682 times)


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Cycling partner(s) wanted for Ecuador trip
« on: May 02, 2010, 06:20:19 AM »
I'm looking for travel companion(s) to cycle with in Ecuador. I've got my flights for a two week(ish) trip in September (dates set 22ndSet-6th Oct)and this is a long shot but I thought I'd see if I found any like-minded people who fancied an adventure. It's all still to be planned (flexible) but I was thinking of doing about 30/40miles a day and using a mountain bike (hired there) to see the Andes and also rain-forest region, maybe transporting the bike on bus-top some of the way (maybe some of the up-hill). I'm planning to do it fairly budget; staying in simple guest houses, carrying what I need on the panniers, but not just cycling, also seeing some of the country. My ticket was £500 approx return from Heathrow (London, UK). I budget about another £300-£500 for the rest of the trip depending on what we see / where we go.
A bit about me; I'm 31, female, cycle commute in London and do some weekend rides of about 40-90 miles. If you are interested then we'd need to see if we get on / have the same idea of a trip / timings work etc. I'm in touch with one other person who is interested; we're meeting this Friday to discuss plans etc and see if we get on etc... I think a group of 3 or 4 of us would be great... but then also we'd all need to get on well / have the same ideas etc.

I've traveled before in Guatemala and also Asia and so I have some experience but I haven't done it by bike before.

Anyway, get in touch if you are interested. My back-up plan if I don't get a group together is to just join one of the many cycle trips / companies who organise these things in Ecuador, but I'd much prefer to do it without if possible as I think it'd be more fun, more flexible and much cheaper.