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Iran Visa
« on: July 12, 2010, 03:13:14 AM »
I used for on-line application for my Iranian Visa.

I would like to recommend them at the highest level for their professionalism, their patience, and their understanding of the problems we bicycle travellers encounter.

Throughout my planning stages, and initial travel through Europe I kept in contact with Nahid of I was concerned about timescales and making payment to touranzamin. Throughout I was assured that everything would be fine, and should a problem arise then Nahid would sort it. Superb service and it certainly eased my mind some.

When I arrived at Sorgun, Turkey, I initiated on-line application and Nahid dealt with it immediately. I then started having issues with the banks and payment. Nahid assured me all would be well. One other issue I was concerned about was the time it would take me to get from Sorgun to Erzurum to allow collection of visa.  Nahid assured me that I had plenty of time :-) 15 days for authorisation of visa then 30 days to collect.

I arrived into Erzurum far earlier than expected, and also received authorisation confirmation email from Nahid after only 5 days. I collect my passport from the Iran Consulate tomorrow morning and continue on my way.

I would sincerely like to recommend for such an excellent service they have provided me throughout.

Nahid, if you are registered with this forum, then please accept my most humble thanks and appreciation for all you have done and the way you have assured and eased my mind throughout. Thank you Sir, Thank you.
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