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Author Topic: Clothing for Spring in France  (Read 1271 times)


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Clothing for Spring in France
« on: April 07, 2012, 01:44:34 AM »
Hi - my first post so sorry if i get something wrong here.

I'm Australian and live in a warm climate. Next year i will cycle in france for 3 months for May June and July.

I haven't worked out my route yet. People say its best to go south first to get the benefit of avoiding the coldest weather but i've been thinking of going from Paris, then to normandy, bretagne, loire valley, and soutwards through dordogne, bordeaux to the pyranees, then heading west to Provence.

I will skip the Alps i think. I'll probably train it back up to paris.

I'll try to camp wild as much as possible otherwise i will stay in municiple camping grounds and hostels.

Now which of the following items of clothing do you think i need and how many? This is mainly about technical and cycling gear. I have less trouble with casual clothes.

down jacket
rain poncho
rainproof jacket such as goretex type with hood
rainproof jacket such as a fleece no hood (i've got one of these already. Its warm but not for cycling)
light wind shell for bike.
waterproof pants (can you suggest a brand)
lycra pants for riding
thermal long johns for sleeping 
thermal long sleeved tops (wool)
long sleeved shirt for sun protection (synthetic)
wool socks
cotton socks
over shoes

how often does it rain in these months? Is it too cold to ride in the rain at this time of year?

thanks for your help.


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Re: Clothing for Spring in France
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2012, 03:18:51 PM »

May, June July are the best month to go to France. Temperature are very nice and you should not have much rain at all. At this time of the year, rain is mostly from summer thunderstom so they don't last, so I would not plan on biking on rainy days much.

For the list you gave, I would remove all the items for cold weather:
Beanie, scarf (maybe a Buff, but that's it), rain poncho (even in South East Asia during the moonsoon I didn't use mine!), down jacket, thermal long john (as long as you have a decent sleeping bag, you will be fine, temperature won't go below 12C at night,). wool sleeved top, wool sucks.

Goretex pants and jacket are recommended only if you REALLY have to bike when it is raining, but seriously you will be better off waiting a couple hours. Otherwise, you should use only paclite Goretex as it is very lightweight. The best brand is Gore Bike Wear as their clothing are made for cycling (stretching knee, extendable back etc - not cheap though. If you take a goretex jacket, don't take a wind shell. It shouldbe one or the other, and you will only use them at night around the camp if the wind is a little chilly. I never heard of rainproof fleece, but this would be only for around the camp at night or in the morning, so you should choose one or the other.

As for how many you should take of each: socks and underwear: 2 to 4. Lycra: 2, biking t-shirt: 2 to 3. Everything elasem, you should take only one of each.

If you really want to bike under the rain, it will not be too cold especaiially in June and July, even in the North.

Nice route, enjoy!