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Chrome Knickers & Pacer
« on: February 02, 2010, 09:18:50 AM »
Alright a while ago before my family situation changed I had a blog about bicycle clothes that I think might be usefull for the people viewing this forum:

Chrome Knickers :

There are already a dozen of review about these on the web and there’s nothing really I could add myself. One thing I can say though is that all the reviews are correct, I’ve had the Shins (heavy weight and light weight versions) for about 2 years now, been wearing them in both summer and winter and so far they still look as good as the first day I got them.

I wear them almost daily. They are comfortable they stretch well but I wouldn’t call them water repellent (especially the light weight) also it might just be a sign of aging. On the negative they are not the most comfortable when you go for rides that are over an hour without getting off the saddle.

Pockets are really good, they keep everything inside either while lounging on the couch or spinning at 100+ RPM down a hill

They are definitely worth the price and at this point I’m pretty sure they will last as long as my bike itself.

Fashion wise well I don’t know if it’s only here but I get a few comments along the line of “stealing my sister’s pant” maybe I’m just surrounded by a bunch of rednecks 

Chrome Pacer :

I’ve had the Pacer since the first trial model, and the term workhorse definitely applies here, this thing is bomb proof. Merino wool usually feels a bit fragile but it not the case here. I’ve worn this jacket on bikes, around town, volcano hiking, sailing the west coast, home, dates and everywhere in between. After almost two years I finally have a tiny little hole that is barely noticeable unless you stretch the fabric.The pacer is just one layer of merino wool so don’t expect it to be wind proof, however this has a big advantage on the west coast for this time of the year when the sun is warm but the wind is cool, you know that weather where if you don’t move you’re fine with a t-shirt but if you start rolling you start freezing because of the wind, well the pacer is right at home. Add a wind proof layer and you’re good for almost freezing temperature.The Pacer in Large fits me perfectly due to its ability to stretch (I’m 6′2″, 190lbs) the lenght is also ideal, not too short, not too long, it is a bicycle jacket but is also good looking off the bike. However don’t wear a white t-shirt underneath because with the nehru collar you’ll look like a priest (been asked a few times).

My version of the Pacer doesn’t have the hidden sleeve pocket nor the pass-through back pocket, instead I have two back pockets. I can say that I wish I had the pass-through so that I could fit my windbreaker in there and not have to worry about having to carry a bag for that.

As I am writing this I noticed that the pacer is not for sale anymore on the Chrome website but after doing a product search the page still came up, I hope they will not stop selling it, because it really did become my favorite jacket for a very wide range of situation and at the price it is lately anyone riding a bike would be nuts not to get one of these.

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Re: Chrome Knickers & Pacer
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2010, 06:04:54 AM »
I always wear knickers on the bike.  And merino too.