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Author Topic: Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag review  (Read 1402 times)


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Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag review
« on: August 04, 2010, 02:53:55 AM »
Hi Stephane,
The sleeping bag you sent us is doing its job well.
We zip our bags (both Marmot Never Summer, one long one regular) together and use it as a big blanket.
So far it was always too warm to sleep inside the bag, but that will change in a few months.
I was a bit worried to bring a down bag to such a wet areas as Scotland and Ireland.
But we have a good tent and it works out well. Every time the sun shines we air the bags.
It is great to have a good sleeping bag so you know you are safe and comfortable up to -20 degrees.
I wish i would have had this bag when I crossed Tibet.
Trust in your gear is peace of mind ;)
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