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Title: Cycling in Turkmenistan
Post by: csp26 on February 09, 2010, 04:18:02 AM
My husband and I are cycling from London to Sydney, starting in a few weeks time. As part of our trip we intend to travel by boat from Baku to Turkmenbashi, and then to Uzbekistan via Ashgabat. We expect to only be able to get a transit visa for Turkmenistan, which will give us about 5 days in the country. This isn't enough time to cycle all the way from Turkmenbashi, so we are looking at other forms of transport to take us at least as far as Ashgabat.

I understand flights are cheap, but we would rather not take our bikes on a plane if we can avoid it, plus I have heard you have to book these flights way in advance (does anybody know if this is true?).

Bus sounds like the quickest and easiest option, but does anyone know if we can take our bikes on a bus? We don't have a bag or anything to put them in; can they be strapped to the roof of the bus? Anyone done this before?

Failing that the train sounds unpleasant and slow, but possibly easiest. But does anyone know how reliable the service is and how often it goes? I have heard both once and twice a day. We can't risk just missing one and wasting a day of our visas.

Any advice would be most appreciated!
Title: Re: Cycling in Turkmenistan
Post by: biciclown on February 09, 2010, 06:42:50 PM
Hello from Bangkok. I had cycled Turkmenistan, coming from Iran. I applied my visa in Tehran, and collected it in Mashad. Turkmenistan was just cycling through the desert with some face wind but nice wild camping at night. No many cars. They had improved the road. I do not like take your route because Baku is one of the ugliest cities in the world and after that you will have to take the train or the bus so you will see nothing about Turkmenistan. 5 days visa, 100 Km a day it is OK. Every 40 Km or maybe 80 the first day you will have a truck driver restaurant where you can eat something and drink as a camel. Enjoy the ride
This is a story about it in my web (
Title: Re: Cycling in Turkmenistan
Post by: biciclown on February 09, 2010, 08:52:32 PM
If you apply in Turkmenistán.s Embassy in Tehran Vatanpour St, Farmanieh Avenue and Tajirish Sq, 22206731 phone, Open Sunday 9.30 until 11, and Every day (except Friday and Saturday) from 9 to 11, you have to wait about 10 days because they will send by fax to Asghabat. But you can go to Mashhad, and if the say yes in Ashhgabat, from Tehran they send the ok to Mashhad. So, in Mashhad you can go to Consulate Turkmenistan and fill the form, pay 55 USD and give them copy of your passport and of your Uzbekistan Visa. Then you get 5 days visas to cycle Turkmenistan. BUTTTTTTTTTTT, maybe when you arrive to Mashhad, Turkmenistan Consulte will be close for 4 days or 1 week without any information about when they will open. And maybe they tell you they don?t have any fax from Tehran. So, you have to smile and cry at the same time, speak some farsi, and Russian and maybe Turkish, and try , and try , and try. If they call to Tehran, and there isomeone in Turkmenistan Embassy in Tehran and the guy remembers you, maybe, you can get Turkmenistan visa in Mashhad in the same day.
Good luck and enjoy travelling through funny countries where no rules are the main Law.
Title: Turkmenistan visa
Post by: onrbikes on May 15, 2010, 02:05:38 AM
csp26 and biciclown

we too will be doing that route, next year and it all sounds a pain.

Wil be going through Iran though.
Can we (australians) just apply for and get the visa in Mahshad.
Or better we just apply for and get the visa in tehran.

How long does it take??

hey csp26. Have you got a site we can follow ur ordeal??